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Coq-community is a project for a collaborative, community-driven effort for the long-term maintenance and advertisement of packages for the Coq proof assistant. The organization is run by volunteer Coq users. Everyone is welcome - you don’t need to be a very experienced Coq user to participate. See the contributing guide for more information on how to get involved.

Project Hosting

Repositories for Coq-related projects can be hosted in the Coq-community organization on GitHub whenever any of the following is the case:

Once a project has joined Coq-community, community members collaborate to ensure:

More details can be found in the Coq-community manifesto, in particular on the process for proposing a new package.


Current Projects

Below is a categorized list of active projects currently hosted in Coq-community. A star indicates that the project is recommended for (re)use, while a warning sign ⚠️ indicates that the project is experimental or for other reasons not currently recommended for (re)use. Independently of stars or warnings, a rooster 🐓 indicates that a project is part of the Coq Platform, a distribution of Coq together with many generally useful libraries, plugins and tools.


Documentation and Tutorials





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Verified Software