Completeness and Decidability of Modal Logic Calculi

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Welcome to the Completeness and Decidability of Modal Logic Calculi project website! This project is part of coq-community.

This project presents machine-checked constructive proofs of soundness, completeness, decidability, and the small-model property for the logics K, K*, CTL, and PDL (with and without converse).

For all considered logics, we prove soundness and completeness of their respective Hilbert-style axiomatization. For K, K*, and CTL, we also prove soundness and completeness for Gentzen systems (i.e., sequent calculi).

For each logic, the central construction is a pruning-based algorithm computing for a given formula either a satisfying model of bounded size or a proof of its negation. The completeness and decidability results then follow with soundness from the existence of said algorithm.

This is an open source project, licensed under the CeCILL-B.

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